Bring Best Pilates Towel and Mat Towel into your business!

If you are a distributor, online store, retail store or boutique, Pilates or Yoga studio, owner or a freelance instructor. Support your students, practice with our premium durable towels and sell our towels in your retail place.

*Note: The studios’ logo may be personalized for studios and large orders.

    Wholesale FAQS

    Is there a minimum order required to get a wholesale price?

    Yes, the minimum order required is 50 towels.

    What is MAP and what is MSRP?

    ✔︎ MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is the minimum price you agree not to advertise below.
    ✔︎ MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) is the price we recommend you sell the product for. 

    Do you accept returns or exchanges on wholesale orders?

    We do NOT accept returns or exchange on wholesale orders, unless the product is defective.

    If you receive an item in such condition please reach out to our team by email at:
    [email protected]